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Cholesterol is a wax like substance formed in our liver. Cholesterol is required by the body because it helps in various bodily functions. Some of the functions in which cholesterol assists the body are:

  • 1. Making vitamin D
  • 2. Maintaining health of the cell walls
  • 3. Making and balancing hormones
  • 4. Making acids like bile acids which help in digestion

How Does Cholesterol Affect the Body?

Cholesterol is a wax like substance made in the body by the liver. It is required in balanced quantities to assist in various body functions. However, when there is imbalance in this it negatively affects the body...... Read More


LDL cholesterol can be termed as bad cholesterol in the laymanís language. Low density Read More


Cholesterol belongs to the group of fats or lipids which is helpful to nerve fibers, cell walls, acids Read More

Is Peripheral Vascular Disease And High Cholesterol Linked?    

The peripheral vascular disease is due to the atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition where lipid like substance sticks inside the arteries and making it narrower. Cholesterol is a fatty substance which might gets deposited inside the arteries if present in large amount. Cholesterol generally builds up in your bloodstream.

The high amount of cholesterol can hamper the arteries. That’s why it is linked with peripheral vascular disease where the arteries affected are of the legs. It is seen that if a patient has a peripheral vascular disease he might also suffer the damage of the arteries in the other areas. That’s why cholesterol can be very lethal for your body as it can cause heart related diseases. The cholesterol is of two types namely the LDL- cholesterol and HDL- cholesterol. The low density lipoprotein is bad cholesterol which tends to deposit the cholesterol in the artery walls, whereas the high density lipoprotein is good cholesterol which tends to remove the cholesterol particles from the arteries.